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Are you disappointed with the appearance of your garage floor? Is your floor a mess with oil stains, paint or cracking? Is your entire garage a cluttered heap of objects and things you forgot you owned? You are not alone.

Garage Envy has created various industrial-grade garage flooring solutions to provide homeowners with a sigh of relief and a beautiful, durable long lasting garage floor.

The type of work you do and the volume of daily traffic in and out of your garage will help determine the type of garage flooring you should consider. Garage floor covering and coating options come with some expense so your budget will also be a factor when selecting your preferred method of garage floor covering.

Applying a garage floor covering can be an affordable way to refinish or repair your garage or work shop floor. If you spend the money and time to apply a garage floor covering it will vastly improve the look and durability of your floor. Please check out the wide variety of options you have for your garage flooring.

Garage Envy has a large selection of available flooring products. Our two most popular options are Epoxy flooring featuring -Liquid Granite Hybrid Polymer Floor treatment and Garage Floor Tiles.

Epoxy Flooring provides a skid-free surface that is easy to clean. The coating is a tough impact resistant and durable surface that is seamless and resists dirt and bacteria. You can open your garage as an extension of your home for entertaining -- even eating or playing is safe when you have a clean epoxy floor. Epoxy provides a chemically resistant surface that will not peel like a painted floor. When properly installed, epoxy will outdo any other surface type for your garage floor--plus, you can choose from a wide variety of colors and design schemes.

Garage Flooring Tiles are also a great option for your garage floor covering. Tiles are available in many colors and textures options and have a higher durability than that of the paint covering options. If you have a lot of traffic in your garage or work space tiles offer a tough impact resistant and durable surface.

The garage flooring tiles fit together creating a water tight seal and are made from materials that are both fire and chemical resistant. You simply overlap the pieces and press them together to create a garage floor that suits your size and needs. Flooring Tiles float over the actual concrete floor and much like laminate flooring you can easily remove or replace a single tile that gets damaged rather than needing to redo the entire floor.

Maintenance on your garage floor will be easy and painless. Installing flooring tiles or putting an epoxy coating on the floor makes the maintenance as easy as using detergent and warm water.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to redoing your garage floor will be to the protection of your garage and to your vehicle. The purpose of new garage flooring is to enhance the complete garage space, create an organized storage-workspace area and get the piles of clutter off the floor.

Please take some time to view our different options available for your garage flooring project. Why wait until tomorrow when you can get started on your new garage floor today. Call Garage Envy click here to contact us and take advantage of our free design consultation.