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Garage Storage Solutions

Garage Envy helps you to create your custom garage with unique storage & organization system.

Are you one of the millions of homeowners looking for solutions to the clutter of boxes and other storage items in your garage? If so, we at Garage Envy have the answer. As a leader in storage and organization, we have everything you need to make the most of the chaos. With a garage makeover, you can have instant storage for everything from bicycles, to garden equipment, and more.

One area that sets us apart from others offering garage storage solutions is the quality of our products. Our cabinets are designed to hold heavier storage loads than the typical cabinetry found in local home improvement shops, which is often used in closets inside the home. Our cabinets are made of weather-resistant material to withstand harsh winter cold or summer heat. Pests, dirt, and moisture are no problem for our organization systems.

Complete Garage Storage & Organization Solutions by Garage Envy

We offer complete service from an initial evaluation of the premises to completion of the project. We are fully licensed as contractors to perform complete garage renovation, if needed. For example, if you need more electrical outlets or lighting, or if you want to add plumbing to your garage, we can make the improvements. We have a wide range of storage solutions including cabinets, ceiling storage, and a variety of enclosure types.

If you live in the Southern California area, Arizona, or Oregon, contact one of our local representatives for a free estimate on turning your garage clutter into organized living. Not only will our services get you organized, but you'll also be adding value to your home investment.

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