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Garage Remodeling Ideas

Garages are often the place where a lot of unused items are kept. After a few years of hoarding, these spaces can turn into a disorganized mess. Garage remodeling gives you the opportunity to optimize your garage storage and customize your space to suite your needs.

Garage Remodeling

  • Garage cabinets: Forget the dusty, weak garage cabinets that make your garage look untidy and invest in high performance, customized cabinets. Get everything off the ground with stylish, hard-wearing cabinets that are built to endure moisture and dirt, and hold heavier loads.
  • Wall storage systems: Some things are too big and unsafe to fit in cabinets or be left on the floor. There are a variety of state-of-the-art wall storage systems for tools, garden equipment, bikes and other items. If you are interested in wall storage systems, make sure you get a strong system that is waterproof and fire-resistant.
  • Custom flooring: Transform the look of your garage with custom flooring solutions. Flooring products, such as liquid granite hybrid polymer flooring and tuff tracks have a multitude of benefits, such as easy maintenance, oil and paint resistant, crack repair, hot tire resistant and more.
  • New garage doors: If your garage door looks worn out, it can affect the appearance of your entire property. New steel, wood, aluminum and glass garage doors not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your home, but they can also provide you with practical safety, security and energy saving features.

Home garage remodeling

To get the most out of your garage remodeling project, make sure you get the custom solutions that maximize your space. Rearranging your garage space so that you have enough space for your cars, tools, garden equipment and any other item you need to store in the garage.

Garage Envy has the solutions you need for a garage makeover. Whether you are looking for storage optimization solutions or a beautiful new garage door, contact Garage Envy now at 888-848-8544!

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