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A Guide to Selecting the right Top for Your Garage or Basement Workbench

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Selecting the right top for your garage or basement workbench starts by knowing how you want to use it and the type of work you will do. Are you the automotive hobbyist who likes to fix your own car? You might consider a laminate top or stainless steel for ease of maintenance, durability and overall appearance. Are you a DIY home owner who likes to do home repairs and refinish furniture? The workbench top you select could be maple butcher block, even gauge steel, both will provide little or no maintenance and have smooth nonporous surfaces. Basically, your decision will be entirely unique to your individual needs.

We believe your workbench top should be durable, low maintenance, attractive, an area for your work, play, and hobbies with built-in organized storage space for your tools and accessories an area of the garage to take pride in.

Garage Workbench Tops are available in gauge steel, laminate, aluminum, stainless steel, and maple butcher block. Workbench tops are available with many options of size, shape, color, and design,

Let's look at 5 different choices for garage workbench tops:

1 – Maple Butcher Block

Northern maple butcher block workbench tops are as functional as they are beautiful.

One of the leading choices for workbench tops because they look fantastic and are tough enough to stand many years of abuse and survive. The butcher block tops are composed of strips of hard maple glued together in the required size and finished with a smooth nonporous low maintenance acrylic finish that enhances the natural wood color.

Maple butcher block tops are available in many standard sizes and Garage Envy can design and create custom sizes to suite your individual requirements.

2 - Stainless Steel

Stainless steel workbench tops are an excellent solution for anyone who needs a real heavy duty work surface that is tough, long lasting, nonporous, and is low maintenance. Stainless steel workbench tops although more expensive than laminate will give you 10 or more years of service and can be utilized in any home garage workshop.

All Garage Envy stainless steel tops are custom made to order and extremely rugged, made of heavy gauge stainless steel with welded and finished square corners formed over a solid wood core.

3 - Laminate Top

Garage Envy custom laminate workbench tops are amazing looking with today's most luxurious laminates by Formica® and others. The top is made of Formica laminate on a wood core and is coated with an epoxy glass coating. You can select many different standard and designer looks such as granite or different stones, wood , and colors such as oak, beige, white, black, and apply a custom Garage Envy front edge treatment.

Laminate workbench tops are a very affordable solution and can transform your garage workbench from a messy, dirty looking work area into a space even your wife will truly appreciate.

4 - Gauge Sheet Steel

Sheet steel workbench tops require no maintenance other than a wipe down. Sheet steel workbench tops are generally made from 12 gauge sheet steel and sized as a single sheet covering the top work surface of the workbench. The external edges of the steel are finished and polished for appearance and safety the sheet is glued to 1” plywood. Gauge sheet steel workbench tops are low maintenance and provide a nonporous smooth surface that is treated to prevent rusting.

5 – Garage Envy Custom Designed Workbenches and Tops

You can buy a garage workbench ready made at our online store or whip up one yourself. However, to get a workbench with a custom top or unique drawer and storage requirements or to fit into a specific space in your garage or workshop you might consider the many benefits of consulting with Garage Envy the expert in garage storage and organization.

Garage Envy designs custom workbenches with unique tops and storage elements for the most discriminating of customers. Specializing in the incorporation of features designed specifically for each of our customers. All of our workbenches are an individual effort created for you.

Take advantage of our free consultation please call our local or National office to contact a consultant in your area.