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Los Angeles Auto Show 2008 Gears Up for November!

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As the weeks get closer to the Thanksgiving holiday, it's yet that time of the year... No, not just to stuff oneself with turkey and all the trimmings... rather, it's time for the famous annual Los Angeles Auto Show!

The website for the L.A. Auto Show is up and running at: LA Auto Show

It promises to be a spectacular event showcasing some of the finest production and concept cars of the 21st Century. Hopefully, in light of the current economy, we'll see some "greener" autos on display and less of the pumped-up SUV's of the past... Given the crisis American auto makers are in, this would seem like the best bet, but there's no doubt that going to the show will allow folks to view some cars of the future along with those we'll all be driving over the next three years.

The show will also present a number of kiosks and events highlighting accessories and must-have items specifically designed for your car or garage.

The show will be going on from November 21-30, but check out the website for more details and location directions as well as driving directions.

For automobile enthusiasts in Los Angeles, Christmas comes early once again!

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